Tuesday, 22 July 2014

How to find the Real UX Designers!

 Zunnaj: User experience design is a very integral part in every success of website. User experience design basically refers to the consumer experience on your business site by enhancing the customer satisfaction by improving usability, ease of use and the creativeness of your site. It also refers to communication of your consumer and your good and services.This design is very important factor in online marketing because it is based on the human-computer interaction experience. Whereas as much as its important it’s really difficult to find the right firm or company to take care of this integral part of your campaign to make it success.
A lot of people claim that they are pro in the UX designer and most of the business owners just to get affordable website designs get trapped which eventually causes them much more money in the end giving back no RIO for the online marketing. Because of this error real professional designers charge more even though services are out class and productive at the same time. Here we have briefly described 10 tips in order to search for the right UX designer for your online marketing services.
1.       Background matters: the first step that plays important role in find the perfect UX designer is to first check his or her background and history of work. Most of the UX designers come from web development and graphic designing. UX designers which such background CAN prove to be a good UX designer but they are not guaranteed because the main perspective here to understand the cognitive side of your potential consumer as what he or she might be looking for when they click on to your site. Probably a background with cognitive psychology will add the capability and potential.
2.       Look into the history work done: Most of the UX designers claim that they are able to take care of the work but as a business owners you need to make sure by first checking and witnessing their previous work done with some profound results and profit for the company. Check the websites yourself which the UX designers claims to be designed.
3.       Kept up to date: UX designing is about updating consistently with the trends and set up of what your potential consumers are looking for.  If any problem occurs on site the UX designer should be aware of the task analysis in order to get the site working consistently with same productivity and customer satisfaction which also involves functionality of the site. It should be user driver design different than the plain and simple no working sites which are of no good.
4.       Not forgetting SEO: search engine optimization is the key component to reach to your potential consumers online and this important part should integration onto the site while linking it to all resourceful online consumer interactive sites such as local business listings, Google maps listings, social media and so forth.
5.       Authentic content and security: UX design also deals with the originality of a site as well as the security issues that are linked with it. You do not want any spam or virus attaching to your site and as the online user enters your site they also get hit by it. It’s a rather much more serious issue by which your site can be taken off by authorities.
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