Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Google’s Matt Cutts says more breadcrumbs more Google friendly!

Zunnaj: There is not a single thing on the website that is useless in fact it all attributes in making a perfect formatted websites for your potential users online.  Zunnaj Corp. is one of the most affordable website Design company and make sure that our clients are achieving their goals with our innovation style and ideas that we put in Professional website development.Google webmaster tools being one of the most supportive for SEO companies, as Matt Cutts explains makes it easy for you to understand where you can put your breadcrumbs navigations on the website.
A lot of times webmasters send Google queries about how they need to make a good website in order to stay Google friendly and do not commit any action that can go against their website on SERPs. Breadcrumbs is one of the most essential tool in any website and actually services to navigate the user to the main page or any inside links that are provided on the website back to the home pages. Matt Cutts stated that if you do have breadcrumbs we will most likely pick you first on the rankings and this is the first when Google actually stated something very clear in words. In their current breadcrumb documentation for rich snippets, it simply states “Pages can have more than one breadcrumb trail.”
Another main thing about breadcrumbs navigation is that it helps Googlebot understand the website a little better help it identify in particular. Matt Cutts stated that "If an item does belong to multiple areas within your hierarchy, it is possible to go ahead and have multiple breadcrumbs on the page, and that can, in some circumstances, help Googlebot understand a little bit more about the site," Cutts said. "Don’t worry about it if it only fits in one, or you've only got breadcrumbs for one, that’s the way most people do it, that’s the normal way to do it, and we encourage it." Another main thing can also contribute that that particular pages happens to have multiple categories on it which need a lot of breadcrumbs for navigations. Make sure that when you are dealing with breadcrumbs the most important one should be the first one and then the rest should be stated accordingly. Because Google will as according to Matt Cutts official statement will pick the first one most.
Another main key of having an organized structure of breadcrumbs on your website is that it helps the users to get clear idea about your website structure and help them location different products and services easily. For more information about Professional Web Design & Development stay connected with Zunnaj blogs and services.

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